Back to the Normal

What an interesting and chaotic two weeks it has been. Covid-19 is becoming less of an issue and protests and riots are ongoing. How wonderful it would be if we could just get back to normal. Normal is a state of mind, a comfortable place where we half way know what to expect. And no, […]

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New Normal Changes

Being connected with thirteen counties in far southwestern Virginia for the past 15 years I am reflecting on what our region needs in order to maintain and grow. The following is what I have surmised:l. We need to think more highly of ourselves and our region and show it!! (Why does someone outside our region […]

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The New Normal – What is Next?

50 plus days into COVID19 and the phrase “This too shall pass.” comes to mind as COVID19 will pass. Not soon enough, but it will pass and we IN Appalachia will survive. We are, after all, resilient, a tough lot with strong roots and a hearty heritage. But just as important, is our need, our […]

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The “New Normal” IN Appalachia

We barely had started our new year’s resolutions when we had to adjust our lives for the COVID19 pandemic. The buzz word for April was “new normal”. And as we continue to move forward through this pandemic to reach the other side, the new normal is a question yet to be defined. We all have […]

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