Our roots are strong IN Appalachia as well as our resiliency and creativity. In this time of uncertainty, IN Appalachia is here to provide support and assistance to help you make connections to sustain and grow your business. This is done by  uniting resources to help you find answers and linking to businesses while sharing your story.

Connections in the region serve as an important channel to solve rural regional challenges and forge creative solutions. Connections empower regional businesses and organizations to find solutions from within. We often connect outside the region because we are not informed of what is available in our own communities resulting in lost revenue going to other locations.

Recently, the Southwestern Virginia Technology Council (SWVTC) became aware of two businesses located within the region with no prior connection. Through a third-party introduction, these two businesses connected, collaborated and found a mutual solution which benefited each financially.

With that in mind, the SWVTC Board of Directors resurrected an idea of a communication engine allowing SWVTC to serve as a connector IN the region. These connections empower businesses and organizations IN the region to work together and seek creative solutions. It also serves to educate those IN the region of the assets available locally. Empowering and educating the region of its own strengths, assets and innovative abilities will create a pride IN the region and change the perspective from withIN. Thus, IN Appalachia was born.

As we weave our stories, build our networks and expand our innovative horizons our Appalachian ties are reinforced.  We are strong. We are resilient. We are proud to be IN Appalachia.