May 21, 2020

New Normal Changes

Being connected with thirteen counties in far southwestern Virginia for the past 15 years I am reflecting on what our region needs in order to maintain and grow. The following is what I have surmised:
l. We need to think more highly of ourselves and our region and show it!! (Why does someone outside our region need to save us when we have intelligent people with strong vision who are capable of doing it.)
2. We need to stop being afraid to speak our vision EVEN if it is against the status quo or against the current leadership. (So far what is going on right now is not sufficiently working, right?)
3. We need to WORK TOGETHER. (I see all this feel-go, blah, blah, even trademarks with verbiage like this, but until we put away our egos, our “my county, my organization, my district, my so and so, OR the highway” we will never succeed. PLAIN AND SIMPLE.)
4. We need to start developing our THINKERS at a very young age. (These are children who can think on their own. This is not a concept being explored now in our school systems, as far as I know.)
5. We must have STRONG communication among and between businesses, education, government and individuals. (No, social media certainly does not satisfy this nor does any current website. But the term “being on the same page” has never been more important than it is right now! We may be on the same page but we’re reading a different book. ). Communication could be the STRONGEST of all components. Help is in-the-works on that one, as you know.