Appalachian Council for Innovation

Statement of Purpose

Adopted from the Appalachian Council of Business Leaders

The Appalachian Council for Innovation (ACI) exists to orchestrate a sustainable environment of unified, strong, and worthy leaders; that will, with unbridled optimism, achieve the greatest potential for the Central Appalachia region.  

We resolve that our people will be bold collaborative visionaries and unapologetic risk takers leading future generations.  We are resolute in our expectations of bringing about independence and self-sustainability so our community can be prosperous in the pursuit of hope, health, and happiness.



The Appalachian Council for Innovation is an organization of diverse businesses and organizations who have chosen to collaborate in creating a new and sustainable future for our region. ACI exists as a committed group who have made a conscious decision to stay in Central Appalachia and partner to propel the region toward our vast potential, providing prosperity for future generations.



Appalachian Council for Innovation has three strategies that it will use. 


  1. Central Appalachian Regional Businesses
    We will drive the growth and development of the innovation ecosystem in Southwestern Virginia by connecting our business leaders to ensure existing and   future growth through partnerships and innovative practices.

  3. High School STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and   Mathematics) 
    We will be the key partner of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) and innovation education initiatives and programs which meet the needs of regional businesses, while leading businesses to STEAM and innovation opportunities.

  5. Co-Working segment: Virtual Workers & Companies in the domain
    We will be the champion in the ongoing development and growth of the regional virtual workforce including co-working spaces and innovative opportunities.


The Appalachian Council for Innovation will operate under the overall intention of creating long term competitive career opportunities for “Our People” in “Our Communities”. 



Change must be brought about in order to extinguish the status quo, which too often keeps our labor force, and the wider community in a mindset of poverty. This change begins at home with community leaders and decision-makers, who must be a reflection of the true value of our people. ACI believes in this change and works daily toward the change in our businesses and communities. There is a direct correlation between our lackluster economic growth and our diminishing population, stemming from an archaic mindset of those who undervalue themselves or their constituents.  This ‘brain drain’, coupled with a mindset rooted in negativity would have devastating results on any region or people. In this case, the unsurprising result is a Central Appalachia operating well below the vast potential of our people. We are a capable, resilient and innovative community. It’s past time our leaders, decision-makers, and all of us take note of that, advocate and direct policies that stimulate our economic growth from within. ACI is that advocate and will partner with educational, economic and community leaders to impact positive change that catapults Central Appalachia into sustainable long-term prosperity.

We do recognize this is an idealistic movement. As a community of dedicated leaders, we pledge to be a voice for all ‘Our People’, from the collective down to the individual. Together we will represent Central Appalachia as a people with immense untapped potential, through a future-focused vision of just how prosperous our region can be. ACI believes without hesitation that the long-term goals set forth are fully achievable and absolutely necessary, not only for the growth of Central Appalachia, but for our very survival.

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